Senior Breakfast Fun!

April’s Senior Breakfast was a success!  They got a little sneak peek of our spring concert from our kindergarteners.   We look forward to the next Senior Breakfast on Wednesday, May 11th at

Incubator News

The 5th and 6th graders have been studying 17 chicken eggs for the last 2 weeks. We are very excited that our chicks are scheduled to hatch this weekend! Happy hatching little chicks!! If you are

6th Grade Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

Mr. Shohoney’s 6th Grade Social Studies finished learning about Ancient Egypt and made a project to show their learning about Egyptian Pyramids.  The pyramids were made by each individual student,

5th Grade Kachina Dolls

The 5th Grade Social Studies students in Mr. Shohoney’s class had been learning about the past and present history of the Southwest Region of the United States.  One of the areas discussed in

Let’s Go Panthers!

Listen to the Raymond School 6th Grade Band playing “Let’s Go Panthers!” They are preparing for their first field trip to Fountain Hills Retirement Center on October 26, 2015.