“The town of Raymond is just a name on a map to some people; but to others, who take the time to talk with its people, Raymond is more.  Raymond is not really a typical town with superficial buildings and streets but, instead, is more a way of life – – a feeling.  Although this is a difficult thing to describe, there is a certain amount of it in the very history of the town as I’m sure you’ll soon see.”

– Crossroads Magazine, fall/winter 1974

A Look Back at Raymond School

History of Raymond District #12 1857 to 1961  

1957 – The Concept

January 1, 1957

During the year of 1957 a group of interested individuals formed a voluntary committee for the purpose of studying the problem of over-crowded schoolrooms and possible solutions thereof. After a year of preliminary work, the committee decided that a study committee selected by the districts themselves with definite responsibilities should be formed. At the 1959 annual school meetings, each district selected two delegates to act in this capacity. This committee was organized under the chairmanship of Mr. Glenn Wilkins.

1960 – The Consolidation

April 8, 1960

After a year’s study, it was decided that due to existing high school boundary lines, it would be impractical to consolidate at this time on a township basis. Therefore, De Remer, East Cape, and Raymond Center, lying completely within the Waterford High School boundary lines, decided to attempt consolidation with these three schools. Subsequently, a petition was filed with the County School Committee to affect such consolidation. After separate meetings in each district, the three districts met in a special meeting on April 8, 1960. Due to a majority of opinion in favor of this action, the County Committee issued an order affecting this action effective July 15, 1960.

1960 – The Beginning

July 25, 1960

The first annual meeting of the newly formed District #12 was held in the Town Hall on July 25, 1960. A school board was elected consisting of Walter Hansen, Virgil Hogue, Howard Scott, Robert Strelow, and Arthur Jacobson. The new board in turn selected a building committee. Those selected were Jerry Bissonnette, Joe Englehardt, Rudy Hungler, Warren Nelson, and Richard Hebron. A recess annual meeting was held September 19, 1960.

1960 – The School Site

December 1, 1960

Upon the recommendation of the building committee, the district selected a site for the new school building. A transaction with the Town of Raymond to purchase ten acres of land near the intersection of Five Mile Road and 76th Street was complete in the month of December, 1960, at a cost of $5,000. A second recessed annual meeting was held November 1, 1960. Von Grossman Associates were selected as architects for the building project. The district authorized the board to borrow necessary funds and proceed with the new building. Bids for construction were opened March 2, 1961. Salvano Bros., Inc. of Racine were awarded the contract for construction at a cost of $106,000. Initial construction work was begun April 15, 1961.

1961 – The Building

September 4, 1961

The building was sufficiently completed so that the first school sessions were held on September 4, 1961. The building consisted of six classrooms, principal’s office and teachers’ lounge, storage room, utility rooms, and a 40 by 60 foot gymnasium. This totalled approximately 9,000 square feet of floor space. As the work proceeded, additional facilities were incorporated into the building. Cooperation between the school board, architect, and contractor, however, resulted in a reduction of actual cost below that listed in the original contract. Our school had an enrollment of 99 pupils. Thirty in grades 1-2 with Mrs. Lora Longhons as teacher; twenty-seven in grades 3-4 with Mrs. Grace Sorenson; twenty-six in grades 5-6 with Mrs. Adeline Comello who also was the principal of our school; and sixteen in grade 7-8 with Mr. Phonzie Philbrick. Mr. William Sorenson was our custodian.

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