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Week of June 1st


For Parents:

Apps for Stress Relief
Grades K-2: Resilience
Questions:  Resilience is the ability to recover from hard things.  In this video, Hunter the Fox is scared of what he thinks are fire sparks.  How does he show resilience to overcome this fear?  The fireflies end up lighting Hunter’s path home and allow him to return safely for dinner.  How can our fears become tools that help us?  What tips does Eve the Owl give to calm down when scared?  Breathing deep breaths can help us achieve resilience.  What types of situations might this breathing practice help you through in your life?
Grades 3-5:  Resilience
Questions:  Resilience is being able to recover quickly from difficulties.  Part of that is being able to bounce back from failure.  What can you learn from the dolls in the video?  Think of someone in your life who is resilient.  In what ways do they show they are resilient?  Do you think resilience looks the same for all people or in all situations?  Or is it different?  What steps can you take to become more resilient?
Grades 6-8: Strengths
Questions:  What does this story say about different people’s strengths and why we should pay attention to them?  What are your strengths?  Are you giving them the attention that they deserve?  How can you use your strengths to better yourself?  Your family?  Your community?