Instructional Aide

I am currently working at Raymond as the 4K instructional aide. I have been working in the 4K classroom since the program started in 2011. I volunteered my time at Raymond for many years before I was asked to apply for the kindergarten aide position. I then worked in the kindergarten class for one year, did several years of subbing, and have now found my home in the 4K classroom. I absolutely love  working with the four year olds. They make me smile and laugh,they warm my heart,and they keep me young! I reside in Raymond along with my husband. Both of my children attended Raymond School, Union Grove High School, and have graduated college.  It is truly inspiring to me how dedicated the families and staff are at Raymond. I must say, it is a real pleasure to work with all the wonderful families and staff . It is my home away from home, my extended family.

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