Extension 102

My name is Jeff Peterson and I am proud to be the Principal of Raymond School.  I am actually a Raymond School Alumni. I grew up on nearby Three Mile Road where my neighbors were my grandparents and my aunts and uncles lived around the corner and down the road. Raymond School is where I learned I wanted to be a teacher and that this school goes beyond core content education and instead embraces the whole child (and their families)! 🙂

I was lucky to land my first real teaching job in a Raymond 4th grade classroom (Room 10) with my 4th-grade teacher as my teaching partner! Summer School, Soccer, Track, and Student Council were some of the activities I helped lead as a teacher. I fondly remember the classes of students I taught here and am pleased to see some of them now as community leaders and as Raymond parents. After teaching, I became an assistant middle school principal and principal in the Oak Creek-Franklin Schools. In Oak Creek, I was part of a team that implemented 4K and a K-12 world language program. I then became the principal at Waukesha’s largest elementary school, Summit View. While there I helped redesign the school into a nationally certified Integrated Arts, Design, and Creativity magnet school. I’m so happy to have landed back at Raymond School as the principal. What former 5-year-old Kindergarten student gets to lead their elementary school? I’m humbled and excited at the opportunity!

I’m looking forward to serving this school and community!  If you have questions or need my help, I can be reached at

Once a PANTHER, always a PANTHER!