1st Grade Teacher
Extension 135

My name is Jessica Niermeyer. I have a degree in Elementary Education and a degree in Spanish. I actually attended Raymond School as a student long ago.  Many of my teachers are now my colleagues. Raymond School is like my family….it’s been in my life since I was 5 years old! When I walk into school each morning, it feels just like home! I grew up on a tree nursery in Raymond (Eder Nursery) and the nursery was very involved in Raymond School…planting an outdoor classroom and garden.  This gave me my passion for the outdoors, the environment, trees, and education! I went to college at UW Oshkosh for a double degree in Elementary Education and Spanish.  I always knew I would be a teacher. I have 3 daughters (Quinn, Cap, and Kya).  I love to travel with my family, especially to Spanish speaking countries.  I lived in Guatemala for a semester in college in a home with no electricity and no running water.  This brought about my love for the Spanish language and culture. Raymond School holds a big place in my heart!

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