Music Teacher
Extension 108

     You’ll find me teaching Kindergarten through 6th Grade General Music here at Raymond along with the 7th & 8th Grade Chorus, Guitar Groups and Arts Appreciation.  Music is my life and I’m hoping my passion for the arts will touch yours…

    I began playing the piano when I was 7 and my love for composing and singing goes back just as far. In college, I majored in Music Composition and Music Education and had a minor in English Technical Writing. My Master’s Degree included a research study in developing creative thinking through music composition. I’ve played keyboards and sang with numerous bands and continue to do so outside of my teaching along with lots of fun music making in the recording studio in our home. Presently, I direct a Christian Rock Band at my church. My husband of many years “Sandman,” a professional touring musician, audio engineer and college professor makes life fun along with my sweet rescue dog “Miss Kitty.” Together with the support of the staff, students, parents and community we have developed a wonderful music program over the years and I am very proud to be a part of the “Raymond Family.”

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