Middle School Teacher
Extension 150

Hello Raymond Community, my name is Steve Shohoney.  I have taught at Raymond School, for over 25 years.  I appreciate every day I drive to school.  I am a lucky teacher to have the opportunity to teach in such a wonderful community, that Raymond is. My wife is a teacher as well.  We value education a lot.  My two boys, Trevor and Daxton, have attended Raymond School.  That is how much my wife and I, trust in Raymond School’s education of children. As a family, we enjoy traveling to new places, enjoying the outdoors, going boating in the summers, and working on our house and wonderful backyard. We have several pets in our Family.  We have two French Bulldogs, named LOLA and PEARL. We also have a “WONDERFUL” cat named Moxie, she loves the dogs soo much:).  I look forward to many more years of teaching the future children of the Raymond Community. Sincerely, Steve Shohoney

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6th Grade Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

Mr. Shohoney’s 6th Grade Social Studies finished learning about Ancient Egypt and made a project to show their learning about Egyptian Pyramids.  The pyramids were made by each individual student,

5th Grade Kachina Dolls

The 5th Grade Social Studies students in Mr. Shohoney’s class had been learning about the past and present history of the Southwest Region of the United States.  One of the areas discussed in