Art Teacher

My vision for the Art Room is to offer our students exposure to a variety of art media and techniques.  I love to hear that someone started a project at home after learning something in class.   I begin each year reminding my classes that their attitude and effort mean more to me than talent.  We work on talent – through practice – in class; attitude and effort they bring with them.   It is important that they believe in themselves as artists and work to show me THEIR OWN best since no two artworks are supposed to be the same.  There is no ONE, CORRECT answer in art since we each picture things differently in our heads.  I want to allow each student the opportunity to develop craftsmanship along with a style all their own.  My hope is for them to realize the contributions that visual arts make in our world.  As we explore art elements and principles of design, we recognize that art is EVERYWHERE!  What might they contribute to our visual world?  

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