Welcome to the Counselor’s Corner, where you can find the latest information from Ms. Ward, our school counselor!

What does a school counselor do?

School counselors work collaboratively with parents, teachers, administrators, and community resources to enhance social and emotional, academic, and college and career development and success of all students.  Additionally,  we help remove barriers that may prevent a student from being successful.  This is accomplished by individual counseling, group counseling, classroom lessons and connection with community resources.

How do students benefit from school counseling?

  • Students learn best when they feel good about themselves and their relationships with others.
  • The impacts of stress on focus and learning are reduced by self-regulation strategies.
  • Attitudes formed during elementary school shape future attitudes towards self, learning and society.
  • Schools, parents and communities that communicate and collaborate provide the most effective support to children.
  • Students are empowered with the ability to set and reach goals, make decisions, solve problems and use coping skills in challenging situations.
  • Students learn to make reasoned decisions and develop effective problem solving and coping skills.
  • Students are better prepared to transition from school to post-secondary education and/or work.
  • Helps students become more responsible for their behavior by helping them recognize the causes and effects of their actions.
  • Parents can better support their children when they understand their student's academic, behavioral and social progress in school.

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Ms. Ward School Counselor